Marie Hunter, MMFT

204 290-2852

It’s normal to struggle to make the decision to go to therapy. It takes a lot of courage to start the process of change. It’s your therapist's job to create a space where you can explore your struggles, strengths and dreams. All changes require hard work and your therapist is there to help support and guide you in that process.

As a Marriage and Family Therapist I have had the pleasure of working with individual, couples, and families with many different issues. I have worked within the counseling field for the last 15 years for various organizations. I work collaboratively with my clients to help them to develop awareness of unhelpful patterns that contribute to their struggles and develop coping tools to improve their day to day lives.

Weather you are a couple, individual or parents seeking help feel free to reach out. I can help to answer questions you might have about therapeutic process and what might be helpful to you, your family or your child.

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