Vicki Enns


Coming to therapy is a step you take to do something profound for yourself or your
relationships.  Whether seeking information, consultation, validation or deeper change I
work with people to encounter themselves and others in a different way.

Trained as a couple and family therapist, I value a systemic approach which means I will
work with you to look at your concerns, hopes and goals in the context of your
relationships, community, culture and your own strengths.

I have worked in the counseling and therapy field since 1995, working in a variety of
agencies and also in private practice.   During that period I have spent time focussing on
healing for adult survivors of developmental trauma, couples relationships and sexuality
and exploring the process of becoming more congruent in experiences of gender and sexual
identity.  I have also done extensive training on facilitating healing from all kinds of trauma
and incorporating an integrated and holistic approach paying attention to the
interconnections between our body, mind, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Currently I work with individuals from little children to the older and wiser, adult love
relationships of many structures, and families from diverse cultures. I offer specialized
intensive sessions for couple/ adult love relationships which can allow you to gain traction
in a short amount of time that would normally take many months of therapy.

I welcome the natural diversity of human relationships and endeavour to build respect for
people of many different spiritual beliefs, gender and sexual identities, and for wherever
you are in your process of living the life you want.

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