Sean Gander

Sean provides therapeutic counselling services to anyone who is experiencing conflicted relationships personally or professionally, and who is seeking to build skill sets to prevent future negative outcomes such as lingering negative emotional states, poor mental health symptoms, prolonged detrimental interactions, and damaged relationships. Sean takes a positive approach to conflict, understanding that conflict is a part of life and its presence in our life can be helpful to propel necessary change and even growth.

Sean has an extensive educational foundation in interconnected fields of study which allows for his holistic approach to conflict resolution.  In addition to his BA, Sean is a certified HR generalist, is trained in Family Systems therapy, and holds a Masters degree in Conflict Resolution, Negotiation and Peace-building from California State University.

Sean has expanded his work in conflict mediation to private practice counselling services.  Beyond engagement in formal mediation, Sean has had great success in counselling and coaching individuals to utilize tools and techniques to resolve conflict by working on understanding perspectives, learning conflict resolution skills, practicing new ways of communicating needs, managing emotional regulation, and setting boundaries that improves the well-being of the individual.

Conflict is a part of life, its presence in our life can even be helpful to propel necessary change and even growth. Conflict can also be extremely damaging when avoided. It can lead to damaged personal, family and work relationships to the point of dysfunction, dissatisfaction and emotional pain. If you are feeling trapped in a cycle of conflict, reach out.

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